Who My Blog is NOT For

As a long-time saying goes: you can’t please everyone.

Thus, I might as well specify who my blog won’t be for. Just to save you and me from maybe upsetting each other.

My blog is NOT for you if you seek an answer you wanna hear.

My blog is NOT for you if you want something to confirm what you believe or think. (a.k.a. confirmation bias)

My blog is NOT for you if you wanna use an alias to say whatever about me, harshly at that.

My blog is NOT for you if you force an issue that isn’t backed by fact/s.

Consider yourself warned that you might feel upset with whatever I write in my blog. When that happens, then you have an easy solution.


Look away.


Or click the X at the upper right part of whatever you’re using to browse my website. But, you get the idea.

I don’t want you to upset yourself even though anyone can feel that way for whatever reason.  If you find anything on my blog that you feel upset afterwards, then I suggest you explain why or ask yourself that. Either way might help to understand why the feeling.

Chances are you and I will disagree on something in my blog. For me, that’s fine. People disagree everyday so no big deal there.

Keep in mind who my blog isn’t for, so we won’t trouble each other.

Nonetheless, I wish you well. Cheers.

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